The Best Dog Runs in NYC

The Daily News has compiled a list of the best dog runs in New York City. Is your run on the list?

Here are the runs mentioned from Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’m happy to see that Hillside Dog Run in Brooklyn is on the list. Not only is it a huge puppy play space, but the Friends of Hillside Dog Park take a great amount of time and care to continually maintain and improve the conditions of the run. Way to go guys!

Tompkins Square Park Dog Run
Hours: 6 a.m.-midnight
Location: Ninth St. path in Tompkins Square Park, between Avenues A & B.
What you’ll find: After a renovation last year, this 18,500-square-foot area boasts three bone-shaped doggie pools, an eco-friendly crushed granite surface and dog wash near the exit so dogs don’t bring the dirt home.
People perks: Watch in the summer for low-cost obedience courses and a dog expert speaker series.

Sir William’s Dog Run at Fort Tryon Park
Hours: Sunrise-1 a.m.
Location: Inside Fort Tryon Park, Broadway & 192nd St.
What you’ll find: One of the first dog runs in the city includes a 1-acre fenced-in area for dogs to roam free under shady trees, plus a separate area for small dogs.
People perks: A “coffee bark” is available the first Sunday of each month where owners can enjoy coffee and doughnuts.

Dog Run 105
Hours: Sunrise-1 a.m.
Location: 105th St. in Riverside Park, near Riverside Drive.
What you’ll find: With water for people and pets, this cozy spot with a crushed stone surface is a neighborhood gem.
People perks: Volunteers organize events throughout the year. Plus, during the summer, a wet bar is open at the Hudson Beach Cafe, just across the promenade.

Hillside Dog Park
Hours: Sunrise-1 a.m.
Location: Columbia Heights & Vine St.
What you’ll find: Natural wood chips made from recycled tree pruning, plus 24 large trees to keep this 2-acre run shady in the summer.
People perks: Owners can lounge on circular benches or at picnic tables.

Check out the whole article for runs in the other boroughs.

6 Responses to “The Best Dog Runs in NYC”

  1. Our trainers have recommended against the dog park. They said it’s the place that Tupelo will pick up the most bad habits. What do you think?

    I heart Doggie Academy.

    Tupelo does not bark at all on walks thanks to your advice. Thank you!

  2. Dan – I definitely recommend taking a survey of the other dogs in a run before you enter. If any of them make you uncomfortable, don’t go in. It’s a great place for some dogs, but not all of them.

    Glad to hear Tupelo’s doing well. Give her a big butt scratch for me!

  3. Just saw that doggie academy had good advice on how to stop dogs from barking on walks – care to share?? My dorkie (dachshund/yorkie) barks at every dog he sees. He is about 10 months old and its not seen as cute puppy behavior anymore..

  4. Ben, that’s a great question! In fact, I’d like to use it for the new “Ask the Trainer” column I’m doing for NYC Sniff. I won’t publish it here, but if you e-mail me directly I’ll send you a sneak peek!