Dog Lights

Sandy is one of my clients’ dogs and also my frequent running partner. Once it started getting darker earlier, I brought an old light from my bike for her to wear for safety. That way if she gets away from me (god forbid) I’ll be able to see her in the dark. Likewise, oncoming pedestrian and vehicular traffic can see us coming.

Since the bike light was not meant for a dog to wear, it did not work perfectly. Sometimes it would slide under the collar in a way that made it pointless so I went on a search for a good dog light. I was totally surprised that none of the local pet stores I went to had any kind of dog light at all. You would think with the amount of people that enjoy taking their dogs to the park off leash that lots of people would want to put a light on their dog’s collar.

What I finally found was this. It’s like a headlight for a dog. I bought one for Sandy and one for Hank and they work brilliantly.

How gorgeous is Sandy and how bright is that light?

I get comments on the lights every time I use them. The best comments come when I take the two dogs out together. One guy said the dogs looked like a space ship approaching him. Another woman burst out laughing as she got close because she thought each dog was carrying a flashlight in their mouths! Most often, people ask me where I got them.

Well, I’m telling all of you. It’s no secret, they’re available at Petco. Considering I probably tell 3 people per run where I got the lights, I fully expect them to be all the rage soon!

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