Designer Dog Crate Alternatives

As someone whose dog is still crated at the age of two, I totally relate to anyone who would like a more stylish alternative. The standard, ugly, extra large black wire crate has been taking up a huge part of my kitchen for a year and a half and I’m really sick of it.

I frequently wish I had a better option. So, when I saw the DenHaus designs I was thrilled. Their pet “dens” are less dog crates and more attractive furniture pieces. They have three design options so that many tastes will be satisfied. While they are big not enough for Hank (and probably couldn’t contain him anyway… he’s been trying to break out recently, but more on that later) I would love to have the BowHaus in my apartment. At $599 it’s not the most cost effective option, but it’s definitely a great looking and multi-functional option!

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