I appreciated the variety of training exercises and strategies offered to tackle the assorted challenges my dog and I were having.

Beth V. with Pagan on the CGC Workshop

The classes have been awesome, and a real benefit to Rux’s confidence and training all around. We both really look forward to classes, and Sarah, you’re great! I also really appreciate that the number of dogs enrolled in class is kept to small number. We walked away after each class with new skills to work with and build on.

Kellie L. with Rux on Beginner Agility class

Sarah and Kate showed genuine enthusiasm throughout the entire course. It is clear that they are passionate about what they do. There is obviously a lot of material on obedience training on the internet, but Sarah and Kate really break down the underlying philosophy and spend as much time, if not more, training and correcting the human — you can’t get that from watching a few YouTube videos.

Michael S. with Wiley on Basic Manners class

Sarah is personable, professional at the same time patient when answering my abundant irrelevant dog related questions. We spent well over the one hour slot in our private lesson and I felt she did not rush at all. Sarah suggested that I only needed the initial private lesson which shows her honesty and her best interests are for the dogs in training and not the amount of money she can make. Sarah is a god sent doggy trainer who wants the best for our canine friends. I will definitely use her service again!

Cary T. with Mojo

Sarah has an unassuming, unpretentious demeanor; a wonderful philosophy and a sound, definitive step by step curriculum all of which are outstanding and reflective of her expertise and devotion to her calling as a trainer. She is a blessing to any dog or dog owner who happens to call upon her.

Lorraine S. with Junior

Hi Sarah, I hope you are doing well and your puppy too! My parents got home a couple days ago and say Sam is doing well. Thank you for everything. Sammy is already improving and loves me more.

Mollie N. with Sam

Sarah is very focused and so smart about this stuff. And she’s super helpful with followup questions.

Sally C. with Dash

Thanks so much for your work w/ Pork Chop. He has made great strides in his behavior in only three sessions with you, and I feel much more comfortable as a first-time dog owner now. Thanks so much!

Heidi S. with Pork Chop

I really appreciated that Sarah was able to provide specific training and tailoring of lessons for my partially deaf dog, Diego! He loved the class and we will continue to work with Sarah in the future.

Brandy S. with Diego

Our experience exceeded our expectations.  Our dog is easily distracted and our reason for taking him to agility class was to help him focus when there are other dogs present and lots of activity happening around him.  Sarah gave us excellent tips to keep our dog focused during class and fun activities to help us bond with our pup.  We have seen a great improvement in our dogs ability to focus when surrounded by distractions and are excited to continue his agility training.

Rachael L. with Optimus

Abby and I built on some training she had previously received. We also worked on our bond, which is huge for us. The entire experience was a benefit.

Molly H. with Abby on Basic Manners Class

I loved having two trainers. We were all able to get individual attention even though we were in a group class. We learned a lot of things that I hadn’t even thought of needing, like “cafe manners” so Jet can go to an outdoor cafe. Thanks!

Suzanne H. with Jet on Basic Manners Class

Sarah is an excellent trainer and we greatly enjoyed the class. She is well organized and clearly puts time into class preparation. We will certainly look to take more classes with her in the future.

Steve P. with Wheatie

On Friday Boots decided she hated our jog and put the brakes on very suddenly. Her collar slid off over her head and she ran across the street toward home! Fortunately the light had just changed so the cars didn’t hit her, and even more fortunately you helped us learn an emergency stop command. I did it, she stopped dead and waited for me to panic my way across the street and put her collar back on. So long story short, you pretty much saved my dog’s life without even being there. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alice M. with Boots

Sarah is a people trainer too, and a very patient one. I feel that if I just follow her directions, I will be able to successfully communicate with Sky. My goal is to enjoy life with Sky as much as possible.

Josephine H. with Sky and Breeze

Sarah Westcott, the instructor, is very insightful, encouraging, patient with both dogs and their humans. She’s an excellent teacher and great model of how to interact with one’s dog.

Sandy W. with Casper

Having never previously owned a dog or cared for one, Doggie Academy Training is a fantastic resource. Sarah has been extremely patient and open to any and all questions thrown her way in regards to Ein’s development and behaviors. He has made so much progress at home since attending classes, which has taught him how to play well with others along with “sit” and recall. We look forward to attending many more classes in the future and refer fellow doggie owners to the Academy.

Julianne S. with Ein

This was a great experience. We were at our wits’ end trying to figure out why our dog had manifested such severe separation anxiety so suddenly and how to address it. After the session with Sarah, our dog’s behavior improved rapidly and his stress level immediately decreased.

Caitlin K. with Goblin

Sarah was an awesome instructor. She made learning fun & it was a great experience for me & my puppy. We’d highly recommend her & hope to take more classes with her in the future.

Holly G. with Paddington

Sarah has made a great impact on how we work with Stanley. We feel like we have a better understanding of him through our work at Doggie Academy. Thank you!

Scott V. with Stanley

Sarah is an amazing teacher, especially for the humans who are usually more confused than the dogs ;)

Sara D. with BB

Lucy was very shy and skiddish when meeting new people but now she has improved so much and is becoming really well adjusted. She loves going to her classes. In fact on Saturday mornings I tell her “We have school today” and she wags her tail and runs right to the door. Lucy also happens to adore Sarah! It has been a wonderful experience. Lucy enjoys seeing her classmates and because of Sarah, she also enjoys seeing their owners too! She has learned so much! Lucy no longer jumps on people as they walk in the door but rather sits and waits to be pet.

Ethel C. with Lucy on Basic Manners Class

Sarah is an excellent trainer of both pets and people. She made the learning process very fun and easy. We are so grateful to her and pleased with the results! Many thanks!!

Claire M. with Smithers

We had a wonderful time, and we feel like our classes really helped us develop as trainers and parents to Hilda!

Molly T. with Hilda on Basic Manners class

Thank you! Excellent homework assignments.

Kathie B. with Phoebe on Basic Manners Class

I loved learning how to play “nice”. This simple practice of making him sit – or say “please” has been invaluable to a number of fundamental lessons we are working on with Finn. Whenever he wants something, he now sits as his first response. I love this!

Catanna B.

WOW!!!! I’ve referred every puppy in the dog run to Sarah’s class.

Tamar K. with Henry

We had an amazing time! Both Archie and I had fun and got some good physical and mental stimulation! We want to do competitions in the future!

Olivia T. with Archie on Intro to Agility class

I faced getting my first “Own Dog” with trepidation. What about our old cat? what about the spiral stairs? Aggressive dogs, strange city noises, off-leash in Prospect Park?!! Sarah Westcott led us from Puppy-Prepping our home through Socializing, Family Manners, Beginning Agility and Tricks. We had a true ally every step of that journey. As my now 20-month-old Golden Retriever, Petra and I prep for our first Agility and Obedience trials we are eternally grateful to Sarah for such a solid foundation. We are the team we are because of her guidance.

Gail R. with Petra

I have tried 2 previous trainers before Sarah and have found her methods the most effective. She makes learning fun for both me and my dog, correcting both of our behavior issues in a way that doesn’t make me feel like an idiot or a bad pet parent. I have repeatedly referred her to several of my friends and a few strangers as well! 2 thumbs and 4 paws up for Sarah and the Doggie Academy!

Ellen S. with Gritz

Sarah was such a great instructor. When I brought home our Vizsla, he was so full of energy and had no idea how to behave properly! He was so sweet, but would become unruly and would act like the Tasmanian devil when he “acted out”! Sarah helped me and my boyfriend see that we needed to enforce certain rules so that we would be happy, but also so that Hemi would be happy. She was so right! She seriously helped transform our puppy from a wild man into a well behaved and very obedient dog. She always used positive reinforcement techniques that worked AMAZING well! And she was always patient with our puppy and especially with us! She made the entire experience of training and raising a puppy a lot less stressful and extremely enjoyable. Thank you so much Sarah!

Hilary G. with Hemi

Our experience exceeded our expectations.  Our dog is easily distracted and our reason for taking him to agility class was to help him focus when there are other dogs present and lots of activity happening around him.  Sarah gave us excellent tips to keep our dog focused during class and fun activities to help us bond with our pup.  We have seen a great improvement in our dogs ability to focus when surrounded by distractions and are excited to continue his agility training.

Mandy M. with Winnie

always made encounters on the street worse because I would expect the worst. But now that I have some cues to use I feel more confident on our walks and we’ve so far avoided any confrontations. And I know it’s an ongoing process. Now if I can only train my dog to give me a treat when I do something right!

Kristina H. with Hank

Thank you again for all your wonderful guidance and help with training Henry. As you observed during our first training session, Henry’s been a headstrong and impulsive chaser of any moving ‘object’ that approaches- joggers, skateboarders, bicyclists, dogs, and children. He was out of control on the leash and would yank me every which way. I didn’t think I’d be able to curb his ‘playful lunging’. Well, within 3 weeks of your first visit, his improvement has been incredible. With your help and our practice sessions, Henry is a different dog on the leash. He’s not chasing after people anymore, and lo and behold, he’s not chasing after squirrels and birds, which is amazing, since that’s in his ‘hunting’ nature. I know I have to keep vigilant about continuing his progress, but I can’t thank you enough. You have a tremendous gift and it’s been such a pleasure working with you!

Francesca R. with Henry

In order to really keep up with any kind of training, I personally need to stick to a schedule by going to a regular class. We were trying to train Maxie on our own at first and thought we were doing reasonably well, but then we took the class and realized just how much there was that we didn’t know (or was doing wrong)! I also liked how we built on the same concepts over time versus learning something once and moving on, as repeatedly performing a task made it much easier to remember how to use it to train Maxie on our own.

Eve T. with Maxie on Basic Manners Class

Just wanted to let you know that Chloe passed the evaluation to be a therapy dog! It was all due to your excellent training. Thank you so much!!!

Liz D. with Chloe

I will be back! I’m happy to have found a place to help my fearful rescue dog grow and have new experiences. She deserves lots of fun! And I’m excited for more classes. Thank You.

Jennie J. with Nina on Dogs Behaving Badly class

We are so happy with our experience at Doggie Academy. What we learned has made a great difference in our dog and we use those tools everyday. Sarah is an excellent teacher and we hope to take more classes in the future.

Yolanda C. with Sean

Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. We really learned a lot and had a great time in the process!

Melissa R. with Stanley