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Kate’s #RoadToRally

Batman is my irritable, impatient 13-or-so-year-old Chihuahua mix… not exactly the kind of dog who’d be interested in agility or any other canine sport. Though he’s been “helping” me with group and private lessons for a long time, I never considered doing anything competitive with him. But a year ago we took a Rally classRead more

Sarah’s #RoadtoRally

Hank and I have been competing together, mostly in agility, for six years. He’s going to be nine this winter and he is definitely slowing down. Hank also gets much less one-on-one time with me and Fever occupies most of my training time. But when Hank does get to work with me, he still lovesRead more

Follow our #RoadToRally

The Doggie Academy trainers have committed to competing in their first Rally Obedience trial at the end of October and will be posting about the experience in our new blog series #RoadtoRally. You may be asking yourself, “Rally Obedience?! What is that?” Rally Obedience, or Rally-O as it is called by enthusiasts, combines aspects of traditional obedienceRead more

Dog Activities When It’s Too Darn Cold

“Winter is coming.” –Ned Stark Cabin fever can affect your dog, too. Before your pup starts to entertain himself this winter by shredding your molding or disemboweling your pillows, consider the numerous ways you can help him beat the winter blues. Train His Brain Training new behaviors is an excellent way to burn your dog’sRead more

Tips from a Trainer: My Dog Went Blind

By Kate Naito We all know that vision loss is a normal part of a dog’s aging process. Nevertheless, when I woke up one morning this September to find my dog Batman suddenly blind, both he and I were in a state of total shock. Since then, we’ve both adjusted to his blindness, thanks toRead more