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Last Minute X-mas Idea

Haven’t figured out what to get for the dog-loving party animal in your life? I found this at CrunchGear and it looks amazing: Bark4Beer It’s a dog collar with a retractable bottle opener! This would have been perfect in college. Our dogs, Magic and Amber, would have been even more popular at parties. Once youRead more

Holiday Deals

Looking for a way to save during the holidays? Or maybe a gift for someone who loves to take advantage of all that Brooklyn has to offer? Brooklyn Based has put together a coupon book of 30 Brooklyn Based Deals for $30. The deals include a free cupcake at Baked with any purchase, a buyRead more

Huggable Urn

This made me go “EWWW!”: Huggable Pet Urns. While trying to find the right urn for Allie, my daughter Sydney would tell me that she missed Allie, so she would have to hug the cardboard box where we kept Allie’s remains. The urn is made by hand-sewing a pocket in a plushy that resembles yourRead more

The Best Dog Runs in NYC

The Daily News has compiled a list of the best dog runs in New York City. Is your run on the list? Here are the runs mentioned from Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’m happy to see that Hillside Dog Run in Brooklyn is on the list. Not only is it a huge puppy play space, butRead more

The Tailored Pet R.I.P.?

According to The Brooklyn Paper, the Brooklyn Heights pet shop/groomers/kennel The Tailored Pet is probably shuttered for good after the death of it’s owner, Serena Bellino, in December. I haven’t been there in years. I took my old Golden Retriever, Magic, there to be groomed once but was turned off because the whole place smelledRead more

Pet Insurance

After everything we went through with Charleston, Vinny and I decided that we should really get Pet Insurance for Hank. If we’d had insurance for Charlie, we’d have a much bigger savings right now. When it came time to wade through the different insurance companies and plans, I was pretty overwhelmed. There are lots ofRead more

New Off Leash in Red Hook

I suppose this is a companion piece to yesterday’s post. This is from Gowanus Lounge. Amy Haimerl, the co-director of the Red Hook Dog Association, gave up the good news that a petition many residents, dog lovers and supporters have signed succeeded at swaying Community Board 6 to extend the hours of Coffey Park fromRead more

Dog Lights

Sandy is one of my clients’ dogs and also my frequent running partner. Once it started getting darker earlier, I brought an old light from my bike for her to wear for safety. That way if she gets away from me (god forbid) I’ll be able to see her in the dark. Likewise, oncoming pedestrianRead more

Creepy or Cool?

I recently heard about a company that will take the remains of your deceased pet and turn it into a diamond. Yup, that’s right. A diamond. You can chose what color and size you want your gem to be and can then have it set into a ring or any other kind of jewelry. PricesRead more