Blog: Around the Academy

#RoadtoRally Wrap Up

As reported last month, Sarah, Kate & Amanda were preparing for their first Rally Obedience trial. How did they do? We are thrilled to report that the trainers & their dogs did very well. Here are each of their reflections on the day: Amanda – Lucy and I had a great experience on the #RoadtoRally. Training forRead more

#RoadToRally Update

Our first Rally Obedience trial is this Saturday! With crazy schedules, we have not all been able to practice together very often. But we have trained individually and will try to “cram” sometime this week. Everyone is going in with a good attitude. None of us have any real Rally experience so we have hadRead more

Follow our #RoadToRally

The Doggie Academy trainers have committed to competing in their first Rally Obedience trial at the end of October and will be posting about the experience in our new blog series #RoadtoRally. You may be asking yourself, “Rally Obedience?! What is that?” Rally Obedience, or Rally-O as it is called by enthusiasts, combines aspects of traditional obedienceRead more

Welcome Frankie Joiris to the BDTC!

Frankie Joiris of Speedoggie will be teaching classes and private lessons in agility, obedience and fitness on Thursdays at the new Brooklyn Dog Training Center location starting in February. If your goal is to be competitive in agility or obedience, then her classes are a must. And if you have no interest in competition, her classes areRead more

BDTC on The Today Show

During our latest Puppy Party at the Brooklyn Dog Training Center, a producer from The Today Show attended to film some of the puppy play. It was for a piece about naming puppies that aired today. All the puppies and families looked great and I’m proud that they represented the BDTC. The video is below, thoughRead more